East Africa's Largest Hypercloud-Ready Campus

East Africa's Largest Hypercloud-Ready Campus

East Africa's Largest Hypercloud-Ready Campus

East Africa's Largest Hypercloud-Ready Campus

About IXAfrica

• This is the team’s FOURTH datacentre venture following IXEurope (sold 2007 to Equinix Inc.), Teraco, and IXcellerate.

• Vendor and carrier neutral data centres are the preferred format and a critical piece in creating an IT infrastructure ecosystem.

• Data centres globally and Africa, in particular, will continue to see tremendous data centre IP traffic growth based on:
Cloud computing
Data Residency laws
Mobile data
Big information
Move to the edge

• IXAfrica will target both domestic and global clients.

• Founding team has strong background and expertise in building and managing data centers in Africa and other emerging markets.

Guy Willner

Co-Founder and CEO of IXEurope 1999


  • Built and operated 14 Data Centres in 5 European Countries for IXEurope.
  • President Europe at Equinix 2017/18.
  • Chairman and Founder of International Data Centre Group.
  • Co-Founder of IXcellerate – Russia’s largest independent DC operator.
  • Strategic shareholder and Board member of Teraco to 2014.

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History of Guy’s previous ventures:
1998: creation of IXEurope

1999: first major investment ‎and opening of London1 datacentre of 400m2.

2000: second major investment including JPMorgan, addition of Frankfurt1, Zurich1 and construction of London2 and Paris1.

2004: Acquisition of 50,000m2 Frankfurt2 campus, Zurich2. Acquitision from Telehouse Europe of Geneva1.

2005: London3, Zurich3‎ opening

2006: IPO on London Stock Exchange. London4 campus starts.

2007: Acquisition of Amsterdam1. IXEurope acquired by Equinix inc.

2008: GW invests in Teraco and joins the Board. https://www.teraco.co.za/

2010: GW invests in IXcellerate. https://ixcellerate.com/

2012: first major investment in IXcellerate, IFC and Bouscas. Opening of Moscow1.

2014: second ‎major investment in IXcellerate.

2016: creation of Eurasia Peering Internet Exchange.

2019: third major investment in IXcellerate, Goldman Sachs‎, opening of Moscow2.

2020:‎ first major investment in IXAfrica.

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